What we do.

The World. Connected.

Our fully integrated supply chain management system instantly gives you global visibility.

We give you real-time view into each and every purchase order, shipment, or RFQ. Track manufacturing status, logistics, or review documents all without changing your operations. Plug and play.

Turn-Key Global Operations.

We have built factories, vertical integrations, and everything in between. We have a global team that is ready to do more than provide visibility. Our years of operational experience puts us in a position to help you source, qualify, and ship anything and everything.

We have bought, manufactured, and shipped tens of millions of items for clients around the globe. Everything from home furniture to cryogenic valve systems have come out of the Known ecosystem. We help turn your vision into a reality, regardless of size or scale.

Need something made, shipped, or inspected? Reach out to us.

Our turn-key operational system and analytics platform has saved our customers millions.


White Glove Operations

Our global team and advanced platform provides white glove operations for your supply chain. We can handle procurement, manufacturing, quality inspection, logistics, and financing, all while unlocking significant savings.

Perfect Planning

Known’s system eliminates risk in supply chain delays, providing instant inventory planning suggestions based on real-time data.

Known’s system can automate purchase orders, slow manufacturing, or adjust production schedules based on your inventory levels. All with minimal setup.