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Transparent pricing and fees, no prepayment penalties, and fast decisions.

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Let Known identify, qualify & manage your supply base


Book inspection of your product before it ships


Ship your product to and from anywhere in the world

Inventory Planning

Optimize inventory positions & automate ordering for your business

Managing Supply Chains in the modern world is tough
Ease the cash flow pain in your supply chain

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about Known Capital here: Known Capital

How does it work?

Onboarding and Approval consist of:

Sharing your business address, connecting ytou bank account, and linking your accounting software.
Offers are normally processed in three business days or less. Review and approve the best option for your business. Offers include credit limit and transaction fee details.
Sign your credit agreement and verify your identity for funding.

Upload your orders when they are ready for financing. Known reviews and approves funding within 24 hours to be sent to your manufacturer. Your credit limit adjusts when funding is released.
Repay your financing in 3 equal installments: 30 days, 60 days. and 90 days.
Your credit limit increases after every repayment.
We will keep you updated every step of the process via email.

How do you determine my business’s credit limit and fee?

Loan eligibility is based on a variety of factors related to your business, including your outstanding debt balance, business expenses and income, account history, payment frequency, and other determining factors.

Why I do need to provide my bank connection details?

By agreeing and connecting your business bank account, Known Capital will be able to analyze your cash flow and determine the best loan offer for your business.

Does enrolling in the program affect my credit score?

No! During the onboarding process, we will only conduct a soft pull of your credit report, which will not affect your personal credit score.